Floor trunk 2 compartments

With 2 compartments (1/2 - 1/2)
Other partitioning on request
Cable tray CTNLI35
Height: 35mm
Widths: 150 - 200 - 300mm

Technical information

Article code PG Stock A nutopp(cm²) unit vpk
FS-FT38-150-2C-3 15784 150 46,73 M 3
FS-FT38-200-2C-3 15785 200 63,55 M 3
FS-FT38-300-2C-3 15786 300 97,2 M 3
To connect with BN06-10-EG
EN50085 compliant
Lengths individually slide together, meaning no fixation brackets required
Slides into the floor box FS-BOX (note that the floortrunk will not be in the center of the sidewall of the floorbox)
Suitable for laying cables (to this end, the cover of the floor box is clippable)
Very versatile system through the use of standard accessories for cable trays



Accessories and options