Hinged cover sq.raised floor

Bottom frame (with carpet edge) + cover + cable exit + fixation clamps
Colour: RAL9011 (black) - RAL7011 (grey)
Max. load small surface: 1500N
Max. load large surface: 2000N
In use: IP20
Not in use: IP30
Standard cover recess depth: 8mm
Metal plate: 3mm
Clamping range: 20-50mm
Material: PA6 V0 (flame retardant)
Application: dry-cleaning areas

Technical information

Article code PA9011 Stock PA7011 Stock A unit vpk
FS-HC8-CE-SQ-260-RF 15965 15964 260 ST 4
EN50085 compliant
Hinged cover with integrated opening lever
Can be fitted with:
- 1x apparatus cup low height (FS-AC-LOW-260-PG)
- max. 3x horizontal apparatus cup (FS-AC-HO-260-PA9011)
Depth-recess adjustable with filling element (FS-HC-SQ-260-FILL)
Is installed in the provided opening in the floating floor using integrated clamping system



Accessories and options